Coccygeal Plexus

by James Pickering, PhD

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    00:01 So finally then to talk about the coccygeal plexus.

    00:04 The coccygeal plexus is very much coming from the S5 nerve roots and also the nerve roots that are coming away from the coccygeal aspects of the spinal cord.

    00:13 And here we can see them passing out of the sacrum and around some phenomena around the coccyx forming this network this plexus of nerves that are associated with the coccygeal plexus.

    00:24 There is also in this region of contribution from the sympathetic chain.

    00:28 So don't forget the sympathetic chain although it's substantiated from the thoracic and higher lumbar regions.

    00:34 The chain runs either side of the spinal cord or the vertebral column as it descends down into the pelvis.

    00:41 And here we have a contribution of the sympathetic chain into this coccygeal plexus.

    00:45 The very terminal aspects of this plexus is known as the ganglion impar.

    00:50 This means this whole plexus of sympathetic and various branches coming from the sacral and coccygeal regions is the coccygeal plexus.

    00:57 The coccygeal plexus then gives rise to the anococcygeal nerves and these anococcygeal nerves are very important implying skin around the anus.

    01:06 So we can see this distribution here of skin covered around the anus is supplied by that coccygeal plexus.

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