Classification of Open Fractures

by Stuart Enoch, PhD

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    00:02 Classification of open fractures.

    00:04 How do we classify open fractures? Gustilo-Anderson.

    00:07 What is Gustilo-Anderson IIIB? What's the highest grade of Gustilo-Anderson classification? IIIC, worst is IIIC.

    00:25 Okay.

    00:26 Even without extensive soft tissues or if you have a neurovascular compromise, it will go through IIIC.

    00:33 If the patient has absent peripheral pulses, it will go to IIIC.

    00:36 IIIB is periosteal stripping.

    00:38 IIIB is when you have an opened fracture.

    00:41 Okay, so Gustilo and Anderson classification, this has been asked a few times.

    00:45 Yeah, the classification open fractures.

    00:48 For llB.

    00:53 That's right, yeah.

    00:55 But you need to, this is mainly asked on a situation where to evaluate the urgency of surgery.

    01:01 So, Gustilo-Anderson IIIC is a C41.

    01:09 I'll go through that in a minute, I will just show you.

    01:10 So, type 1 is a small wound let's say 1cm, type 2 is a large, well not large, something, anything more than 1 cm.

    01:17 That's all you need to remember, more than 1 less than 1.

    01:21 Type 3 is has got a IIIA, IIIB and IIIC.

    01:26 So, IIIB is periosteal stripping.

    01:28 Now, that is C41 as well.

    01:32 But within 6 hours of injury, the other one is within an hour.

    01:37 So that's what we are trying to find out how soon you need to take this patient to treat it.

    01:53 Yes, that applies.

    01:59 The only exception to that will be IIIC and you don't have time to transfer.

    02:08 That's the only exception, otherwise you'll have to transfer.

    02:13 For IIIC or any open? Well, not as good as 5 days, isn't it? 5 days, yeah.

    02:22 Clearly, varies from patient and different protocols but 5 days.

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