Classes of Infectious Agents

by Richard Mitchell, MD, PhD

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    00:01 And, welcome back.

    00:02 As we go through these series of talks relating host and pathogen interactions, we need to talk about the different classes of microorganisms so we can give you an overview.

    00:14 Again, there is a whole entity of study in biology called microbiology, where you learn about all of these stuff in excruciating detail, and you know, what sugars a bacteria ferments and what pH it likes to live at, we're not going to do that.

    00:29 But we are going to give kind of a broad overview of the different bugs that can be encountered in the human body, and then how they would present in terms of the host reaction.

    00:41 Here's our roadmap.

    00:44 So we already talked about the fundamental concepts of microorganisms including tropisms.

    00:48 Now we're going to overview the different classes.

    00:51 So, you can probably run down this as quickly as I can, but we have viruses, we have bacteria, we have fungi, protozoans, worms, prions.

    01:04 And given the vast variety of these particular pathogens that are out there, it's remarkable that we aren't constantly being infected.

    01:12 It just goes to show you how good the immune system is in protecting us.

    01:16 Alright, so let's go through these each in turn.

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    The lecture Classes of Infectious Agents by Richard Mitchell, MD, PhD is from the course Host–pathogen Interaction.

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    1. Prions
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     Richard Mitchell, MD, PhD

    Richard Mitchell, MD, PhD

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