Case Study: 10-year-old Female on Cough Drug (Nursing)

by Rhonda Lawes

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    00:01 Let's do another weight based dosage with a conversion.

    00:04 Susie Que is a 10-year-old female who weighs 88 pounds.

    00:09 The healthcare provider or HCP, remember that's how you see that referred to in the NCLEX.

    00:14 They'll call them a healthcare provider.

    00:16 That could be a nurse practitioner, a physician, a physician assistant.

    00:20 It's just a healthcare provider is a general reference for that.

    00:23 So Susie Que, 10-year-old female who weighs 88 pounds, the healthcare provider orders CoughNot 500 milligrams every 6 hours.

    00:32 Is this a safe dose for this particular child? Well, you've got the CoughNot label there, right? Go back and take a look at that as we walk through this question.

    00:42 So first, we're going to have to convert Suzy Que’s weight.

    00:45 She weighs 88 pounds.

    00:48 Well, we know we're going to divide that by 2.2 because there are 2.2 kilograms in every pound.

    00:54 Whoa! Thank you, Susie Que.

    00:56 You come up to a beautiful, perfect 40 kilograms.

    01:00 Now, we're going to calculate the safe range.

    01:03 Look again at the label.

    01:05 What is the safe range? Well, her weight, 40 kg, remember that just stands for kilograms, times 50 milligrams equals 2000 milligrams of CoughNot.

    01:17 That should be safe.

    01:18 So we've got the safe range.

    01:20 Now, CoughNot is 500 milligrams every six hours because you go back to that order, right? CoughNot 500 milligrams every 6 hours, yes, we've got the right order there.

    01:32 So, we're going to give it every 6 hours.

    01:35 24 hours divided by 6 will be 4 doses.

    01:39 Now, each time we give that divided dose, it's going to be 500 milligrams.

    01:43 So, 4 times 500 equals 2000 milligrams of CoughNot.

    01:49 Okay, so is this safe? Is this correct for this child? Well, weight based safe range is 2000 milligrams of CoughNot.

    01:58 Look at that.

    02:00 We're going to give 2000 milligrams of CoughNot, So is this safe? Yes, it is.

    02:05 Okay, now there are practice problems for you.

    02:08 It's your turn to practice reading labels to look for the safe and therapeutic range, calculating dosages based on weight in pounds or kilograms, calculating the total daily dose from the divided dose.

    02:20 We want you to complete those practice problems in your downloadable material and then check your answers.

    02:26 I promise, it's great that we walk through it together.

    02:28 But you'll learn it really well if you take the time right now to do those practice problems and look up the answers.

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    all dosage calculation and IV tubing
    By Bertha B. on 06. August 2020 for Case Study: 10-year-old Female on Cough Drug (Nursing)

    The videos are clear and easy explanations. I can watch them all day. On the quiz section wish the was an explanation after them because some of them don't add up and I wondering how they came up with the answer thank you