Caring Theory in Nursing

by Samantha Rhea

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    00:00 Welcome to Caring in Nursing. Now, this topic is more than just providing a listening ear or holding a hand in a difficult situation. There are several different aspects that we have to consider as a nurse for the patient's well-being, and we'll explore those. So first off, let's talk about defining caring in nursing. Florence Nightingale, a pioneer in nursing history said that "Caring is the essence of nursing." This is a really unique relationship between the client and the nurse. And again, it's more than just holding a hand and we will explore those.

    00:38 Now before we get started, a really important theory comes up when we discuss caring. And that's Jean Watson's philosophy and theory of transpersonal caring. This particular theory hones in on that "Health is better promoted through caring than just medical care alone." And a holistic approach is essential when we're talking about caring in nursing. Now, Jean Watson's theory is very vast, but it really focuses on 4 major concepts with focus on the human being, health, the environment and society and nursing along with the client.

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    The lecture Caring Theory in Nursing by Samantha Rhea is from the course Caring in Nursing Practice.

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. Care by the nurse should have a holistic approach.
    2. Medical intervention is the essence of nursing care.
    3. Nursing care is based on the client's symptoms.
    4. Health is best promoted by science and medicine.

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    Samantha Rhea

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