Caring in Nursing: In a Nutshell

by Samantha Rhea

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    00:00 Now, a few key points before we leave today is caring is unique and an individual relationship between the client and the nurse. Now, this encompasses so many areas of the client's life.

    00:13 We talked about culture, ethnicity, family, spirituality, and that practicing caring behaviors is essential in providing therapeutic relationships. Thanks for watching.

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    The lecture Caring in Nursing: In a Nutshell by Samantha Rhea is from the course Caring in Nursing Practice.

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. Caring encompasses the client's spiritual preferences.
    2. Caring is the relationship the nurse has with all their clients.
    3. Caring behaviors just enhance existing therapeutic relationships.
    4. Caring depends on the nurse's cultural background.

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     Samantha Rhea

    Samantha Rhea

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