Bronchospasm: In a Nutshell (Nursing)

by Rhonda Lawes

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    00:00 Okay let's wrap up this video series.

    00:03 A bronchospasm is a sudden tightening or constriction of smooth muscles of the walls of the bronchioles.

    00:09 That makes it diffickut for a person to breathe.

    00:12 Remember, bronchi, bronchioles, okay.

    00:16 Smooth muscle is part of the airway and the muscarinic receptors control bronchoconstriction, and mucus.

    00:23 Okay, so anticholinergic medications block the bronchoconstricton and effects of the muscarinic receptors.

    00:30 So if a patient is taking anticholinergic medication, remember that's an antagonist to the cholinergic receptors.

    00:38 So you have less of the bronchoconstrictive effects, and that mucus.

    00:44 Beta-2 agonist on the other hand, they activate beta-2 receptors whose job it is to cause bronchodilation of the airways.

    00:52 Now bronchoconstriction can be treated with bronchodilators and antocholinergics or steroids but remember you want a short acting beta-2 agoinist if in the case of an emergency.

    01:06 Thank you for watching our video today.

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    1. Beta-2 agonists
    2. Anticholinergics
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    Rhonda Lawes

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