Bridging to RN (LPN)

by Samantha Rhea, MSN, RN

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    00:01 If you feel there's an LPN, you want to continue on with your education, then that is awesome.

    00:07 Good for you.

    00:08 Now, is this necessary? Absolutely not.

    00:12 Many LPNs have fulfilling and successful careers with their LPN license.

    00:17 This really is an individual choice, and what is your ultimate goal? Also note that as an LPN, many facilities and states say that you can hold an administrative position.

    00:31 Many people think that you can hold these type of positions as an LPN.

    00:35 And honestly, this is not the case.

    00:38 So bridging, what does this mean? I'm talking about going from an LPN license in advancing your education to an RN degree.

    00:47 Well, your LPN license in education can be just the start for you, if you desire.

    00:53 And there are usually local options in your area where you can go from your LPN to an RN, and you're going to end up with either an associates or a bachelor's depending on the program you choose.

    01:06 Now nursing programs may do this differently.

    01:09 Some schools have LPNs enter at a certain point in the nursing program, because their license and education demonstrates their knowledge and foundational or previous semesters content of the curriculum.

    01:23 Now some schools have a special bridge program specifically designed for the LPN to RN track.

    01:31 So you want to look at your options.

    01:33 Now, when you're looking at a program, does this fit your lifestyle? Also, is this program accredited by a nationally recognized institution? This is important if you ever decide to advance your degree further from a bachelor's degree for example.

    01:49 Now, is there a waiting period that you must work as an LPN before you're eligible to enter into their program? I actually had this issue come up when I was an LPN bridging to an RN degree.

    02:02 So when I was an LPN, bridging to an RN, I looked at one particular school, and they wanted me to take a computer class that the school didn't offer.

    02:12 And they also wanted me to have one full year of LPN experience, which that's fine, but for where I was, in my particular life, I didn't want to do that.

    02:24 I want to finish LPN school in the spring and go right into the fall and start RN school.

    02:30 I didn't want to wait that long.

    02:31 I didn't want to hassle with admitting from one school to take one class.

    02:36 So make sure you look at the nursing programs website.

    02:40 Take a site visit.

    02:41 Ask the admission people about their criteria to get into their program.

    02:45 This is going to help steer you.

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    The lecture Bridging to RN (LPN) by Samantha Rhea, MSN, RN is from the course Things to Consider as a New LPN.

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    1. It will result in an associate or bachelor's of science in nursing.
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    3. Programs should be accredited to ensure advancement.
    4. Bridge programs are all the same.
    5. Criteria to enter into an RN program are the same for all schools.

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    Samantha Rhea, MSN, RN

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