Branches of the Subclavian Artery

by Stuart Enoch, PhD

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    00:01 So we leave that one side. So this is the subclavian. The subclavian artery, that’s the scalene muscle. Scalene muscle, so that is your first part of subclavian. Behind it is the second part of subclavian. And after that is the third part of subclavian artery. Because of the way the questions are structured, you won’t be asked about the three parts or what comes from the east part. That could be for the part B. For the part A, all you need to know is the branches. So the branches of the subclavian artery, the mnemonic, if you remember, is vitamin C and D. These are branches of the subclavian. Vertebral artery, internal mammary artery, thyrocervical trunk, from thyrocervical trunk, you have the inferior thyroid artery from here, then the costocervical trunk and the dorsal scapular artery. This is the vertebral, internal mammary also called internal thoracic, thyrocervical trunk, costocervical trunk, and dorsal scapular. These is essentially your branches of subclavian.

    01:14 Vertebral artery goes to the cervical vertebra, enters the transversarium at C6, goes all the way up to the brain, both sides anastomosis to form the basilar, and then the circle of Willis.

    01:31 Internal mammary, that’s internal mammary. Just lateral of the external edge, it goes down, and what happens to this? The superior epigastric.

    01:49 Very good, and? I’m not sure.

    01:53 Musculophrenic. So it divides into a musculophrenic supplying the diaphragm and superior epigastric supplying the rectus abdominis. Then you also have some intercostal branches, going to the ribs, coming from the internal mammary. In females, the blood supply to the breast is also coming from the medial side. It’s coming from internal mammary. Thyrocervical trunk, as the name says, thyrocervical. So it has the inferior thyroid artery and some cervical branches. Costocervical, these are the first, the superior intercostal. the costocervical, superior intercostal artery are the highest intercostal artery, and finally, the dorsal scapula. That’s all you need to know. You don’t have to know anything beyond this.

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