Branches of the Axillary Artery

by Stuart Enoch, PhD

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    00:00 scapula. That’s all you need to know. You don’t have to know anything beyond this.

    00:01 Then what happens is this artery comes here. Then you have the outer border of the first rib. From the outer border of the first rib, the subclavian artery becomes the axillary artery. You have the pectoralis minor muscle, three, four, and five costal cartilage and it inserts into the coracoid process. That divides into first part, second part, third part. Can you name some branches from the axillary artery? Superior thoracic artery. Superior thoracic artery, very good, superior thoracic.

    00:53 Thoracodorsal? Thoracoacromial? No, not thoracodorsal, thoracoacromial, yeah, lateral thoracic, subscapular, anterior circumflex humeral artery, and posterior circumflex humeral artery. So if you remember, it’s quite logical and it's easy to understand. Remember, you can imagine, one is going to the superior part of the thorax because you have the internal thoracic there because you have the superior thoracic going to thorax, superior thoracic. Thoracoacromial, acromion process here, thoracoacromial.

    01:30 Lateral thoracic, the lateral thorax. Subscapular, subscapular region. And the anterior and the posterior circumflex humeral this way and this way. It’s screw the lawyer, save a patient. That is your mnemonic for -- Is it one comes from the first part, two comes from the second part, and three comes from the -- Yeah. This is it. One comes from the first part, two comes from the second part, three comes from the third part. Have we been asked in part A? I don’t think they ask about the parts.

    02:09 Yeah. This is when you learned -- That’s right, yeah. In part B, it’s very important. No, no, no, that’s right. No. You can be asked because this bit of anatomy is quite important. From the first part, you have one branch, second branch, these two branches and third part, in this order. Likewise, what we've discussed here, even that has got three parts. The first part has got three branches, second part has got two branches, third part has got no branch, but that is for your subclavian. When it comes to axillary, first part one branch, second part two branches, third part three branches.

    02:48 So this axillary artery is the one we talked about before. Can you see it coming up here? Axillary artery coming up here, coming to the lower border of teres major and then it becomes the brachial. From that, you have the profunda brachii artery as your main branch coming off the brachial artery. Okay. This is all you need to know about the arteries.

    03:13 This is quite important, this bit of anatomy because you’re always asked questions on this. There're other couple of things you need to remember are your lung. In the lung, mainly the hilum.

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    By Lilas H. on 18. September 2017 for Branches of the Axillary Artery

    I like his calm delivery--and good content, of course. Drawing on the model really helped me visualize better than any other illustration.