Behaviorist Perspective – Personality (PSY)

by Tarry Ahuja, MD

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    Now, let’s take a look at the behaviorist perspective, and here, we’re kind of taking a completely different stance. So we’re saying that personality is a result of a learned behavior patterns based on one’s environment. And so that you’re actually shaping your personality based on your day-to-day interactions with your family, your friends, and over time, that’s what shapes your personality. So behaviorism is deterministic, so it’s determined on those interactions, environmentally reinforced and punished determine subsequent behavior. So we’ll break that down. The interactions will help determine new behavior and based on what interactions you have in that environment, that will determine your behavior. So if you’re doing things in your environment that are inappropriate, that you’re getting in trouble for, that will push you one way, so the punishment side. And then if you do things appropriately in a good way and you’re getting this positive reinforcement, you’ll then continue that behavior. So, this model of personality is really shaped around daily interactions over a period of time in your own specific environment that shapes your behavior and as a result shapes your personality. This process happens over a patient’s lifespan. So this isn’t something that happens over, you know, finite periods of time, kind of like that route line by Freud. This is something that is ongoing. And learning and development of personality occur through classic and operant conditioning. Now let’s revisit what those terms mean. So we’ve mentioned them in some other lectures, but just to refresh your memory. So classical and operant conditioning, it refers to being presented with different stimulus and getting an evoked response. So we have an unconditioned stimulus and we have a conditioned stimulus, and I refer you to or point you to the Pavlovian experiments or Pavlov’s dogs. So...

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