Be Open to Alternative Opportunities (LPN)

by Samantha Rhea, MSN, RN

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    00:01 Let's get real here. Let's talk about managing your expectations as a new nurse.

    00:07 I hate to break it to you, but it is okay not to get the exact dream job you want initially.

    00:15 This happens sometimes, especially if you want a certain area, like pediatrics for example or something very specific.

    00:24 As a new nurse, its way more important that you're in a place where you feel comfortable, supported, and know will be a good and supportive, positive learning experience for you.

    00:37 I assure you, every job you take there is something to learn from it.

    00:42 One thing to think about though is that most places have a hospital policy that you can't transfer departments before six months or sometimes even longer, so just keep this in mind. Really, we do this because this keeps from getting a new hire nurse on and then they just immediately leave if they don't like it. It takes a little time to adjust as a new nurse.

    01:04 Also for the unit, believe it or not it's very expensive to orient a new nurse to the unit, so they want you to stay. A great piece of advice, be open to the experience.

    01:19 What you don't want to do though is tell the hiring manager when you interview, I really didn't like this job, but it was open and I'm going to transfer in six months, not - not a great idea. But, this will do for now.

    01:33 You might be surprised that once you stay on that unit, invest in it and look for opportunities, you may actually want to stay there.

    01:42 I get this question a lot with senior students looking for jobs.

    01:46 I tell them everything I just said above. I actually just had this lately.

    01:51 I had a nursing student that's a fantastic nursing student.

    01:54 She came into my office for an office visit and she was super panicked because all of her peers have gotten jobs in the ER, ICU for example.

    02:03 She, however, wanted pediatrics.

    02:06 Now, where we're from, the pediatric job pool is small, so she was like, "What do I do? Where do I go? Where do I interview?" And the main thing I told her is that there is benefit to be gained in every position that you take.

    02:21 You'll be surprised, be open to the experience.

    02:24 Go to the job interview, shadow on the unit and something may click for you.

    02:30 Here's another piece, any nurse that graduates in nursing school and starts their job, I don't know hardly any nurse that's in the exact same position on the exact same floor as when they started.

    02:45 Many nurses end up exploring so many other areas, and guys, that's the beauty of nursing.

    02:51 However, for your first gig, be open and positive about the opportunities you do have.

    02:58 Now, as an LPN, if you decide to bridge from an LPN license certificate, or licence to an RN later, this may also open up potential opportunities for you as well.

    About the Lecture

    The lecture Be Open to Alternative Opportunities (LPN) by Samantha Rhea, MSN, RN is from the course Applying for Your First Nursing Job (LPN).

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. You can learn from every job.
    2. Some jobs have transfer policies.
    3. It takes time to adjust as a new nurse.
    4. You most likely will stay at your first job for 30 years.
    5. Your first job should be your dream job.
    1. Be thankful that the unit manager offered the opportunity.
    2. Be willing to learn and grow in this position to land their dream job one day.
    3. Feel comfortable, supported, and happy they landed this job.
    4. Already be planning on transferring to a different unit in three months.
    5. Feel upset, knowing that most people stay at their first jobs forever; they will never have another opportunity.

    Author of lecture Be Open to Alternative Opportunities (LPN)

     Samantha Rhea, MSN, RN

    Samantha Rhea, MSN, RN

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