Be Open to Alternative Opportunities (RN)

by Elizabeth Russ, FNP

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    00:01 Okay. So you have updated your resume.

    00:03 You've applied for the job.

    00:05 You've networked the heck out of your community.

    00:07 And you had an interview that went decently well.

    00:10 And you got the job offer.

    00:12 But it's not your dream job offer.

    00:16 Should you take it? Is that okay? What do you do now? This is going to totally depend on your situation, my friend.

    00:22 Isn't that a helpful answer? But when you are considering this whole job, please know: if it is your first job, it probably won't be your dream job.

    00:32 I'm not trying to be a downer.

    00:33 I'm just trying to be realistic.

    00:34 And really, in all likelihood, your second job probably won't be your dream job either.

    00:39 And that's okay.

    00:40 I feel like social media really hypes up the fact that we think we're going to burst into the nursing world and immediately land that dream NICU job and live happily ever after.

    00:51 And for some people, they absolutely graduate and find a unit that they love and all is well and perfect and wonderful.

    00:59 But for most people, myself included, we take our first job because it's a job and we need one of those. And it's a really great stepping stone to all of the other places that we're going to visit in our career while also being paid.

    01:12 Bonus. So maybe, yeah, maybe you should take that job even though it isn't your absolute dream.

    01:20 But if you also don't absolutely need a job right now and are totally fine with waiting a few more months to see if your dream job might happen to come around, then there's no harm in waiting to take that job either.

    01:34 You won't forget absolutely everything that you learned in school if you take just a few more months to find a job.

    01:40 I don't want you to worry about that.

    01:41 And I promise that no matter what job you take, you aren't stuck at it forever.

    01:46 Nursing is vast and wonderful and you are going to have a lot of time to explore.

    01:50 So just remember, it is just a job.

    01:53 Jobs are temporary.

    01:55 And it's always okay and even encouraged to change your mind.

    01:58 You will learn something new everywhere you go.

    02:01 And no matter where you land? You, my friend, are enough.

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