Balancing Family and Children (LPN)

by Samantha Rhea, MSN, RN

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    00:01 So when you get into nursing school, treat nursing school like a job.

    00:05 So, this is not easy, I won't lie to you.

    00:09 You've got to balance your family, children, furry children or otherwise known as pets, nursing school is not easy.

    00:18 Number one, nursing school is got to be your priority.

    00:22 You've been accepted, you've beat so many others out there to get your spot in the program and start your journey.

    00:29 So don't screw it up.

    00:31 No, really. This is one of the hardest realizations that you have to make, and school is your priority. This was your goal, remember why you start it.

    00:42 Now if you have small children or children at all, you have to understand it's perfectly okay to accept help.

    00:50 Whether that'll be daycare, friends, family, whatever you've got to do or for someone to watch your kids, it's okay, do it.

    01:00 Also, if you gotta stay after class and not go home, because your sweet, adorable children or your partner are waiting on you to help them find a sock, do something at home, work on their class project, make a Valentine's box, whatever it is, then stay at school a little bit longer. Just plan ahead.

    01:19 So here's another big tip. Make a place in your home, if it all possible, to study.

    01:25 Meaning, this is a clean non-clutter space, and when that door is closed, your kids, your family know not to interrupt you.

    01:34 Try to set this boundary early, it may help, maybe.

    01:40 But, for me, for example, my son used to walk by the office door and wait on me when I was in school.

    01:46 And he knew, that when he saw me in the office, to wait until I come out.

    01:52 Know that accepting help is crucial for you and this is really hard for a lot of us to do, but you cannot do it all. I repeat, as hard as you may try, it's best for a temporary timeframe, to accept help.

    02:08 Let others help you, let others help get your kids to practice.

    02:12 Use daycare, use grandparents, friends, whatever, Again, it's temporary. This will not be forever.

    02:20 Now, you can't completely neglect your family or your partner or spouse.

    02:25 No, absolutely not. It's not great for you.

    02:28 So in your planner, pick a date, a night out a week, whatever works; make plans with your family.

    02:35 You've got to have some time to relax.

    02:38 Take your kids to the park, have a date with your spouse or your partner.

    02:41 This is so needed for you and your family. Then, of course, get back to work-study.

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