Ask an NP – Why I Chose the FNP Program I Did

by Elizabeth Russ, FNP

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    00:01 So I selected my NP program based on the fact that it was a hybrid program.

    00:06 So we were on campus twice a month.

    00:09 But the rest of the time we got to be at home.

    00:11 So all of our classes learning was, you could do that at home, which was important because I was still working full time.

    00:17 So I could watch them when I had time.

    00:19 But I wanted to still be on campus, so that someone could watch me learn how to do physical assessments, and move my hand around and be like, "No. Not here. Put it here. Listen here. Move this way.

    00:30 I wanted someone to be able to teach me skills like suturing, and all of that in person where they could keep an eyeball on me.

    00:37 We had sim lab, I thought that would be important to just - I wanted basically someone to be there to actually guide me through the process.

    00:43 And the other huge thing, the reason I picked my program was they found our clinical placements.

    00:48 So in NP school, this is super duper challenging to find a clinical spot.

    00:53 If you don't have that you're kind of calling ahead years.

    00:56 I would have people call my office as a nurse practitioner years in advance.

    00:59 They're like in three years. I need a preceptor.

    01:01 I'm like, oh. So that was a huge reason having that off the table like schools already hard enough and having someone else come in and figure out where you're going to actually get your clinical experience was a huge relief, so kind of that it was flexible but also had some oversight.

    01:18 And then we also had a huge stressor off the table was important.

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