Ask an NP – My Most Memorable Patient

by Elizabeth Russ, FNP

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    00:01 So probably the most memorable patient I've ever had as an FNP was someone who came into our office first, very, very hesitant.

    00:10 Basically, she needed to have a somewhere to land she had been not treated very well by the healthcare system.

    00:16 And this was someone who wouldn't even she didn't even feel comfortable letting me listen to her heart and lungs with a stethoscope.

    00:22 Probably the first five times I met them, they were very hesitant to reveal any information.

    00:27 They had just been treated in a way that was not kind by this system.

    00:32 And were very fearful of it. They had a lot going on with them.

    00:36 And physically, like, there were many different illnesses going on.

    00:41 But none of them were being treated because of a huge fear of the healthcare system.

    00:46 And through a lot of just tiny, tiny baby steps and a lot of education and just sitting with them and listening and valuing her concerns over unnecessarily what would have been at the top of like my list, right? There was slowly like trust build up and we were able to at the end, I mean, she was coming in all the time.

    01:06 We had gotten over the course of three years, a lot of those things sorted out.

    01:10 I was able to do fairly invasive preventative exams with her.

    01:16 And it went, okay.

    01:19 And that was being able to be a part of someone saying like, this is the first time I've ever been able to do something like this because you made me feel safe to do it, was awesome.

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