Ask an NP – Healthcare Quality Advice

by Elizabeth Russ, FNP

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    00:00 So if you're interested in becoming more involved in changing our healthcare system as it sits right now, I think getting involved in any kind of group that's just one person bigger than you is helpful.

    00:11 And whether that's joining your local nurse practitioner organization, your local nursing organization, whether that's getting involved in local politics, anything that is one person bigger than you that makes a group is going to be helpful.

    00:24 My favorite thing that I have done, I don't honestly have, I didn't have a lot of times to join a bunch of groups and different organizations at the point in my career that I'm at.

    00:33 So I've written up my resume, and I've submitted it to my state representatives, because those are the people who make all of the health care decisions.

    00:41 And I literally sent it to their office.

    00:43 And then I called and I said, "I've sent my you my resume, if you have healthcare questions, this is who I am." I introduced myself and I said, "If you ever run across bills, or anything that have to do with this, I would love to be your point person.

    00:54 And I almost fell on the floor when they actually one of them called me and actually did like later come up.

    00:58 They're like, I wanted to run this by you.

    01:00 And I was like, "Okay." So I think that's a way that you can actually get involved in your local either government organization, whatever it is, just reach out and offer and introduce yourself and people are desperate to have point of contact like in the community who are actually practicing, and they might actually give you a call and you could have some real input that way.

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