Ask an NP – Handling Conflicts with Office Staff

by Elizabeth Russ, FNP

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    00:01 So I've experienced some conflict with office staff in my practice.

    00:06 And that was it was really hard for me because I'm very much a people pleaser.

    00:10 I think a lot of people in healthcare are.

    00:12 And I found the best thing to do was just pulling them in and saying kind of like when you're giving patients bad news or something like that.

    00:19 Be like, we're going to have a conversation here.

    00:21 And it's probably going to be awkward, but like, let's just go.

    00:24 And not talking to other people about it not making a big deal, and just kind of saying exactly what, without placing any blame, just being like, "Hey, this happened.

    00:33 And next time, it would really help me if it happened this way instead of showing them what you would like to do instead, asking them, is this something you're familiar with? Is this like, do you want me to show you how to do this instead? Is there a roadblock that kept you from doing this in the first place? You know, a lot of the times it's someone and they're like, Well, we just don't have time to do it this other way that you want us to do it.

    00:54 and then working together to find a solution, trying not to place blame, and sometimes that requires addressing it a week later, because you're just so annoyed at that initial point.

    01:03 And realizing like that's, you're stuck with these people, right? You're going to have to work with them.

    01:08 And so having an upfront conversation with them before you take it to other people, and trying to offer a solution and then escalating it if nothing happens from there.

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