Ask an NP – Finding the Right Clinical Setting

by Elizabeth Russ, FNP

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    00:00 So finding the right clinical setting is huge.

    00:03 Because if you don't, that's how you're getting all of your actual skills that you're taking with you, right.

    00:09 And that's what you're going to keep referring back to.

    00:10 That's the all of your preceptors are kind of the voice in your head who are guiding the practice that you might have one day.

    00:16 So you can absolutely skate by and find, you know, a clinical site that's going to just pass you no matter what kind of shove you in a corner or be like, Hey, be my scribe.

    00:24 But I would really encourage you to try to find one that lets you get in there and makes you do the work. They make you chart.

    00:31 They make you do all of those things that at the time seem really time consuming and overwhelming.

    00:35 But if you go to clinical and you are walking away every day and thinking, Oh, that's easy, try to find a different one in the future that's maybe going to challenge you more because you want to go home exhausted, honestly, because you want to have had to learn so much that day that your brain feels like it's going to burst.

    00:51 But in a few years, you know, you never know what you're gonna have to look back on and be like, oh, yeah, that one day I did learn that.

    00:57 It also teaches you how to learn, and how to look things up.

    01:00 How to get, you know, everyone's going to have their own resources.

    01:03 So I think the more honestly challenging the clinical site, the better.

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