Ask an NP – Continuing Education

by Elizabeth Russ, FNP

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    00:01 So the continuing education that I'm currently doing to maintain my certification is mostly through the AANP.

    00:08 So, that's who I certified through.

    00:10 If you're a member there, which I am, you they give you CEU's us for free. And so I have that.

    00:17 I also have a website called Skills On Point that they have a lot of practical skills that they give.

    00:23 I've done a lot of them through there.

    00:25 And those are I think the primary two choice, oh, and podcasts, Podcasts are huge.

    00:29 A lot of them - one of my favorite ones is Curbsiders.

    00:33 If you listen to it, and you go take a quiz online, they will give you a continuing education credit and it's completely free.

    00:39 And they're a great way to stay up with especially if you're in primary care.

    00:42 That's actually probably my favorite one.

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