Applying to Take the NCLEX (RN)

by Elizabeth Russ, FNP

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    00:01 Applying to take the NCLEX involves two different processes: an application and registration.

    00:06 And you'll want to start this process as you are nearing graduation because these steps can take quite a bit.

    00:12 So starting early will help you be eligible to take the test as soon as possible and just get it over with and move on with your life.

    00:19 In terms of specific requirements for eligibility to take the NCLEX and to get a nursing license in your state of choice, there's going to be some variability based on the state that you live in.

    00:31 Each state's nursing regulatory body, the Board of Nursing, gets to make its own rules.

    00:36 So definitely start by checking with your state board what they want a few months before graduation so that you have a heads-up on what you need to be doing.

    00:46 And keep in mind that your school may have absolutely no idea what your licensing requirements are for the state that you are actually applying for, particularly if it's out of state.

    00:56 But you can always call the Department of Nursing to get help.

    01:00 Many, many of mine have known me by name at some point.

    01:03 They probably saw my name on caller ID and were, like, sad.

    01:07 Sorry, Linda. I talked to Linda a lot.

    01:09 You were great, though. You helped me so much.

    01:10 I appreciate you. So after you have looked up your state's requirement, here is what's next.

    01:17 First, you're going to want to submit an application for licensure and registration to the External Link Nurse Regulatory Body where you wish to be licensed or registered. This will allow you to be made eligible for the NCLEX.

    01:29 The External Link register for the NCLEX is through a company called Pearson Vue. And once you have created an NCLEX registration, it will remain open for 365 days.

    01:40 I was going to say about and I was, like, no, that's...

    01:42 That's an exact number.

    01:44 Waiting for notification of candidate eligibility by the Nursing Regulatory Body of your choice.

    01:50 How does the Nursing Regulatory Body of choice know that you are eligible? Your school will send them confirmation that you are graduating or already did graduate. And this varies a little bit by state to state, depending on if they can send it early before you even graduate or not.

    02:06 So, as you can see, this involves a lot of moving parts.

    02:09 And once your school verifies that you did the nursing school thing and they send it over to your Nursing Regulatory Body, who then contacts Pearson Vue to say, "yes, this person is eligible", then and only then will you be given an authorization to test or an ATT email.

    02:27 And this will allow you to pick the test day and then schedule the NCLEX . Each ATT, and in case you're wondering how long the act is valid for, it is of course specified by your state's board of Nursing, and it's usually around 90 days.

    02:42 So you have to take the test once you get all of that approval within 90 days of getting that fancy email.

    02:48 And then when you go to schedule your test, you are going to pay for it because of course it is not free, you silly human.

    02:53 The cost is currently $200 to take the NCLEX in 2022.

    02:57 I'm sure it'll change. And don't forget to also budget in for your licensing costs, which will vary by state and are totally different than your NCLEX costs.

    03:05 Yay! Clearly, it is super-duper straightforward and not at all confusing.

    03:09 But don't worry.

    03:11 Your school really, really, really does want you to pass this test because it looks good for them. So they really should, even if they're not totally familiar with it, help you in the process.

    03:22 It really feels, like, if you can figure out how to apply for your nursing license, you should just be allowed to be a nurse.

    03:28 But alas, you must still prepare for the exam.

    03:32 And let's look at some ways to do that.

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