Anastomoses (Nursing)

by Jasmine Clark, PhD

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    00:00 Another important feature of the vasculature are anastomoses.

    00:06 Anastomoses are interconnections of blood vessels.

    00:10 In the arteries, they are going to provide alternate pathways to ensure continuous flow, even when one of our arteries is blocked.

    00:20 These are going to be common in our joints as well as in our abdominal organs, brain, and heart.

    00:27 We, however, do not find arterial anastomoses in the retina, the kidneys, and the spleen.

    00:35 We also have some anastomoses that are shared between arteries and veins.

    00:40 These include the shunts in the capillaries.

    00:43 For example, the metarteriole-thoroughfare channel between the arterial and the venule, and a capillary bed.

    00:52 Finally, we have our venous anastomoses, which are found in our veins.

    00:57 Venous anastomoses are so abundant even if you have an occluded vein, it's going to rarely block blood flow.

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    1. Arterial anastomoses
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    Jasmine Clark, PhD

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