Alterations in Body Systems

by Diana Shenefield, PhD

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    Welcome! Today’s NCLEX review subject is Alterations in Body Systems, and we are going to get started right now. You want to read through the overview of what we are going to talk about today, and some of the things we are going to talk about are under the physiological part of NCLEX exam. Each part of the exam has different sections, and so today we are going to talk about, we are going to start here, we are going to talk about patients with chronic or with life threatening physical conditions. And we are going to just review a little bit on what you’ve probably already learnt in nursing school, but we are going to bring it down to just a real fine topic. So you want to make sure you read through the learning objectives. If after we are all done, if there's are topics that you aren’t clear about, you want to make sure you go back and review those topics, you want to make sure you go back and look at your nursing text books on areas that you might not be as familiar with, or maybe you have forgotten. So let’s start off with a question, to kind of get us in the mode of what we are talking about today. So we have a nurse that needs to assess for a patient with hyperkalemia, which if you remember is an increase in potassium. Which of these patients which she'd be watching for? A, a patient with renal failure. B, a patient with nausea and vomiting. C, a patient that has excessive laxative use or D, a patient with loop diuretic use. So, think back to potassium, and which of these patients would she need to be watching for? Hopefully you picked A, renal failure,...

    About the Lecture

    The lecture Alterations in Body Systems by Diana Shenefield, PhD is from the course Physiological Integrity. It contains the following chapters:

    • Alterations in Body Systems
    • Common Therapeutic Procedures
    • Complications and Nursing Process

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. Assess a patient’s progress toward a desired outcome
    2. Ambulate a patient 20 feet down the hallway
    3. Question a patient about family medical history
    4. Assign a nursing diagnosis to an identified need
    1. Improving airway clearance
    2. Removing allergens from the environment
    3. Eliminating foods that are known to cause intolerance
    4. Preparing patient for the CF-specific sweat test
    1. Tracheal deviation
    2. Tachypnea
    3. Hypotension
    4. Unilateral wheezing
    1. The presence or absence of bilateral wheezing
    2. The presence or absence of a cough
    3. The presence or absence of unilateral wheezing
    4. The duration of the expiratory phase
    5. The rate of the respirations

    Author of lecture Alterations in Body Systems

     Diana Shenefield, PhD

    Diana Shenefield, PhD

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