Accelerated BSN Programs (RN)

by Elizabeth Russ, FNP

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    00:01 Accelerated BSN programs are a really popular option for individuals who have a previous bachelor's degree and would like to go back and pursue a degree that will allow them to become a registered nurse.

    00:12 An accelerated nursing program includes only the core nursing classes, and it just chops out all of the additional courses such as communications, math, biology.

    00:21 To make up for this, the programs require you to already have a degree that would have covered all of your really random requirements, such as sociology or biology, in order to get that bachelor's degree.

    00:33 Some accelerated nursing programs will actually let you in as long as you have completed all of your pre recs and other program requirements to qualify you for at the end your bachelor's degree.

    00:44 And you can enter an accelerated nursing program without having a fully completed original bachelor's.

    00:51 But really, no matter your previous background, you are going to need to take all of the prerequisites in order to get into these programs.

    00:59 We'll talk about prerequisites for nursing programs in the next video series, but since all of the extra classes and pre recs are already accounted for, every single course you take in an accelerated program will be a nursing course.

    01:13 And that gets that gets quite intense.

    01:16 There's no getting around the fact that an accelerated nursing program is really, really time consuming and rigorous.

    01:23 I personally did a accelerated nursing program and found that it consumed pretty much all of my life for 18 months.

    01:31 However, it was in like the big scheme of things, very short and intense, which was a kind of nice to just way to just get it over with.

    01:40 I found it helpful often to remind myself of this.

    01:43 You know, that this stage of life is not forever and that it was going to get better.

    01:47 And I think that frame of mind is helpful when you're considering doing a program like this due to the rigor of the program.

    01:54 It's there's a lot of restrictions that come with it, right? They don't recommend that you work during a program.

    01:59 And that's definitely something that you need to consider if you need to support your family. I worked during my program and I knew several others who did.

    02:09 However, I would not necessarily recommend that it was not the healthiest time of my life, personally and physically or mentally, and I would not recommend you do that.

    02:21 The benefits of this program are the speed and the efficiency, as well as the flexibility of allowing you to take that other degree and turn it into something new.

    02:31 But what's the downside? Well, it's quite expensive and it's difficult to pay for, especially if you are hoping to get a federal loan.

    02:40 This can be really complicated and often unsuccessful if you're requiring a federal loan, because if you took a federal loan for your first undergrad, then the government says, hey, we already paid for one of these.

    02:51 We're not giving you an additional bachelor's degree.

    02:53 You can take out a private loan in order to pay for it.

    02:56 However, the interest rates on those are often higher, and those will never be able to be forgiven in the future.

    03:02 With a loan repayment program again, the time commitment is intense, so this is not a great option for someone who is trying to navigate an already busy life and schedule just something to consider as you're looking at these.

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    1. It includes only core nursing courses.
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