Becoming a Principle-Centered Communicator

by Dan O'Connor

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    About the Lecture

    The lecture Becoming a Principle-Centered Communicator by Dan O'Connor is from the course Effective Communication in the Workplace. It contains the following chapters:

    • Becoming a Principle-Centered Communicator
    • Three Principles in any Relationship - Principle 1
    • The Hamburger
    • Navigational Phrases
    • The Apology
    • Three Principles in any Relationship - Principle 2
    • Three Principles in any Relationship - Principle 3

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. I am the only one ultimately responsible for any relationship in my life.
    2. There is not just one person in charge; we are both responsible.
    3. Neither person is in charge; the success of a relationship depends mainly on chance.
    1. I am the source. It is either something I'm doing, or how I am interpreting something that's happening.
    2. Sometimes I am the source, sometimes it's someone else.
    3. It is generally the other person.
    4. Both people are equally responsible.
    1. I am not stating the message correctly, or in a way that effectively gets through to the other person.
    2. The other person is not listening, or not invested in the relationship.
    3. The environment is too distracting, or it's not the right time.
    1. The left hemisphere.
    2. The right hemisphere.
    3. We would be activating both sides at the same time.
    1. The right side.
    2. The left side.
    3. I'd want to focus on activating each side equally.
    1. It helps me express myself more accurately.
    2. It increases the odds the other person will receive the message I send.
    3. It helps me save time when communicating.
    4. It helps me establish power in any relationship.
    1. One
    2. Many--too many to count.
    3. Three
    4. Two--me and the rest of the world.
    1. The only thing that could possibly be missing is what I am not giving.
    2. I am in charge of every relationship in my life.
    3. There is only one relationship.
    4. It's all about me.

    Author of lecture Becoming a Principle-Centered Communicator

     Dan O'Connor

    Dan O'Connor

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