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Coaching in Healthcare

Learn from Lecturio coaching experts to help your students achieve their goal. We have two workshop dates currently available in January.



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Coaching in healthcare education seeks to support students in reaching their full potential, empowering them to become talented healthcare professionals. Coaching aims to build up students’ ability to develop their own personal visions, identify knowledge gaps, and help them design and apply actionable plans to achieve their goals, instead of solely relying on direct tutoring.

In this 90-minute team-based learning session, you will discover everything you need to become a better coach to your students, including:
  1. An in-depth exploration of different coaching models in healthcare and how they can be applied.
  2. Hands-on advice for faculty and coaches to help learners with goal setting, planning, and monitoring.
  3. Guidance for providing better feedback to students and how you can help them reflect on their performance.
  4. An exclusive, interactive session for you to receive coaching tips relevant to the specific needs of you and your institution.

the workshop:

Access to material and videos to review before the session.


the workshop:

Interactive, team-based format to work with others to solve real-life coaching problems.


the workshop:

Time for personalized feedback on your specific coaching situation from workshop facilitators.


the session

“Coaching Tips and Tricks” guide with a list of further recommended readings.

Session hosts, guest experts, and workshop facilitators

Dr. Sara keeth 600x600 1
Sara Keeth, PhD, PMP

Sara Keeth is a PhD and certified PMP (Project Management Professional) who graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas. As an educator, she has worked as a Teaching Fellow at the University of Texas at Dallas, as a full-time professor at Richland College (now Dallas College’s Richland Campus), and has also taught at Austin College. Dr. Keeth has also worked as a consultant for Parker University’s Research Center and has a decade of experience as an operations manager for an advertising agency. As Director of Learning and Institutional Success at Lecturio, she manages the Learning Science department’s activities, shares her education expertise and best practices for medical educators, and develops evidence-based content for both students and faculty, while ensuring our institutional partners have an excellent experience with our platform.

Goran image
Goran Stefanovski, MD
Goran Stefanovski, MD, is a National Expert on Health Systems Stewardship and Governance for the World Health Organization operations in North Macedonia and a Medical Education Consultant at Lecturio. He graduated from Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje and holds a Masters in Biomedical Education from the University of Ohio.
Hunter goldsmith bio image
Hunter Goldsmith, MD

Hunter Goldsmith, MD, is a resident physician specializing in PM&R and a Medical Coach at Lecturio with over 10 years of experience mentoring students to achieve their goals. He is also the Chief Executive Officer of Goldsmith Consultancy, a specialist advisory firm that assists students in finding positions in medical school.

Adonis wazir new portrait e1665749419786
Adonis Wazir, MD

Adonis Wazir, MD, is London-based doctor and candidate for a Masters Degree in Medical Education at Swansea University. He graduated from the University of Balamand in Lebanon, and worked as a Research Fellow at the Department of Emergency Medicine at the American University of Beirut Medical Center, and as a researcher with the Eastern Mediterranean Office of the World Health Organization. During his studies, Dr. Wazir served as the president of the Lebanese Medical Students’ International Committee, and later served as the Regional Director of the Eastern Mediterranean Region of the IFMSA.