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Building a Strong and Sustainable Nursing Workforce

Lecturio’s comprehensive platform is designed to help cultivate a thriving workforce by helping nurses gain long-term, comprehensive knowledge of the critical concepts needed to deliver quality care and advance their career paths.

Empower your nursing staff by supporting continued learning including stackable academic credits

Are you looking for ways to offer professional development led by world-class educators to improve employee retention and engagement, clinical practice, and patient outcomes? Lecturio Nursing can support you with:
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Lecturio’s comprehensive platform is designed to help nurses refresh, learn and retain critical concepts needed to deliver high-quality care to their patients.. The platform includes:

Provide your staff with access to world-class educators from leading universities

Get access to 12 ACCME- and ANCC-accredited courses, including over 120 hours of content

Save resources on continuing education (CE) and professional development with on-demand courses


19 hours of content, 233 videos, 18.5 contact hours


over 11 hours of content, 121 videos, 1 exam, 10.5 CME/CNE credits

Emergency Medicine

22 hours of content, 244 videos, 21 contact hours


almost 6 hours of content, 75 videos, 1 exam, 5.75 CME/CNE credits

Physical Examination

8.5 hours of content, 91 videos, 1 exam, 8.5 CME/CNE credits


over 6 hours of content, 100 videos, 1 exam, 6.5 CME/CNE credits


over 9 hours of content, 124 videos, 1 exam, 9 CME/CNE credits


over 5 hours of content, 67 videos, 1 exam, 5 CME/CNE credits


almost 2 hours of content, 15 videos, 1 exam, 2 CME/CNE credits


almost 32 hours of content, 316 videos, 1 exam, 30.75 CME/CNE credits


almost 4 hours of content, 67 videos, 1 exam, 3.75 CME/CNE credits

Family Medicine

almost 9 hours of content, 92 videos, 1 exam, 8.5 CME/CNE credits

Support professionals on the path from CNA or LPN/LVN to RN within your hospital

Through our courses and platform, you can support your workforce in career development from certified nursing assistant (CNA) and licensed practical nurse/licensed vocational nurse (LPN/LVN) to registered nurse (RN) and on to nurse practitioner (NP), as well as support allied health professionals at your hospital.

Our comprehensive RN pre-licensure and NP online curricula cover theory and clinical skills, contributing to improved care delivery and patient safety in your hospital.

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Lecturio will issue U.S. CEUs and academic credits through its European partner institution, and learners can apply to have these credits recognised by any institution they apply for.