Next Gen NCLEX-RN® Question Walkthrough

Next Gen NCLEX-RN® Question Walkthrough

by Rhonda Lawes, PhD, RN, Jacquelyn McMillian-Bohler, PhD, CNM
Starting in April 2023, the NCLEX will be structured differently, with question formats that may be unfamiliar to nursing students. This course provides an in-depth look at the new NCLEX question styles. No special preparation is required for this course. As recent graduate nurses will need to write the NCLEX to gain licensure, an understanding of the new question types on the exam is imperative.

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Your Educators of course Next Gen NCLEX-RN® Question Walkthrough

 Rhonda Lawes, PhD, RN

Rhonda Lawes, PhD, RN

Dr. Rhonda Lawes is a Certified Nurse Educator (CNE), and an Assistant Professor at the University of Oklahoma College of Nursing in Oklahoma, USA.
She obtained her PhD in Educational Psychology from Oklahoma State University in 2016.
Due to her achievements, she has earned numerous teaching awards. She teaches nursing students how to use the science of cognitive learning to maximize their study effectiveness.
Within Lecturio, Dr. Lawes is the Director of Nursing Education Programs, and teaches courses on Pharmacology (Nursing), Medical Surgical Nursing and Pathophysiology.

 Jacquelyn McMillian-Bohler, PhD, CNM

Jacquelyn McMillian-Bohler, PhD, CNM

Dr. Jacquelyn McMillian-Bohler is a Certified Nurse-Midwife (CNM) and the Assistant Clinical Professor at Duke University School of Nursing in North Carolina, USA.
She obtained her PhD in Nursing Education from Villanova University. Currently, she teaches Health Promotion and Perinatal Nursing in the pre-professional and Master’s Degree programs at Duke University School of Nursing.
With an interest in global women’s health issues, Dr McMillian-Bohler has trained nursing students in China, South America, and the Philippines.
Due to her achievements, she earned the Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award at Duke University School of Nursing in 2020.
Within Lecturio, Dr. McMillian-Bohler teaches courses on Maternal-Newborn Nursing.

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Step-by-step helps
By Kashan . on 22. May 2024 for Bowtie: Prioritization of Care – NCLEX-RN®

The step by step is absolutely helpful which taught me how to approach a priority question. Thanks Pro Lawes ??

i learned well from rhonda
By Christella R. on 16. August 2023 for Case Study: Physiological Adaptation – NCLEX-RN®

great explanation about this chapter, good instructor, I think I will recommend my friend lecturio

Bowtie NCLEX review with Prof Lawes.
By Anthonia . on 15. August 2023 for Bowtie: Cardiac Glycoside – NCLEX-RN®

The truth of the matter in my opinion, is that five stars as a rating is an understatement for this super intelligent Prof! She is the BEST of the best NCLEX teachers/professors ever!!!!!!! I am so thankful to have registered with Lecturio and I wish I did years before now. I would have passed my RN NCLEX. She teaches extremely well! I will quickly recommend my friends and co-workers because this is one of the best NCLEX reviews I have ever attended. Its so affordable compared to others without much publicity like other reviews yet still the most amazing review with so much package! In all honesty, I am so excited that i could go on and on and on. Thank so much Prof and team! Good job!

By Rose . on 29. June 2023 for Next Gen NCLEX-RN® Question Walkthrough

Definitely a substantial walkthrough on the Next Gen NCLEX-RN. Prof. Lawes makes it a breeze to study & her tips & tricks really are a game-changer. I like the way she teaches & explains thoroughly each topic. She makes NCLEX prep less overwhelming. Truly, Lecturio is simply amazing! I highly recommend it!!!