Tongue Development – Pharyngeal Arches Development

by John McLachlan, PhD

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    00:01 One thing that we haven’t looked at so far is the development of the tongue. So let us imagine though that we are inside the mouth looking down towards the floor. And in this diagram, the different arches have been colour coded with different colours. Gradually, this will begin to move together towards the midline, and as they come together, they will begin to fuse with each other, and gradually, this will begin to build up the tongue from a number of different components. In fact, if we looked back at our diagram, identifying the nerves associated with each arch, what we’d find is that we could predict the nerves which will innervate the tongue. So the variety of nerves innervating the tongue is derived from the arch components which gave rise to the tongue in the first place. So, that’s the end of our lecture. And to summarize what we’ve looked at, we explored our four pharyngeal arches which appear during the embryonic period. We noted that each of those contains muscle cartilage, nerve and blood vessels. These can give rise to a variety of structures later in development. The arches are separated by grooves on the outside and corresponding pouches on the inside, and this will give rise to other components of the head and neck during the course of development through this complex process of relative growth and movement of structures within the body. We’ve also seen that genetic defects can lead to a variety of kinds of abnormality. And it would be possible to explore some of these in another lecture.

    01:34 Thank you very much.

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