Benefit from your own video seminar offering on the internet!

Produce and sell them without additional expenses. Directly embedded into your website.

Your advantages

Earn money

The important part you already bring along: knowledge. Now you can turn that into profit as easy as never before. Just create your own webcasts and obtain additional revenues from subsequent sales.

Spread valuable knowledge

Let others benefit from your valuable knowledge. Enable students, pupils, employees and all knowledge-hungry people to partake in your knowledge and educate themselves.

Straightforward process

We offer the complete service: from recording to delivering the finished videos in our double-frame-player directly on your website. We take care of payment handling and any technical aspects of your offer.

Products and services for your success

Create your own web shop with video seminars based on our established technology and sell your valuable educational content on your website and at We offer you the complete package to publish your knowledge profitably via the internet.

eLECT Lite

Video seminars directly embedded into your website

Including hosting & streaming

Connection to payment system

No IT infrastructure necessary on your side

Extensive functionality

Recording Service

Qualified personnel for high quality recording

Supply of recording equipment

Quality management and post-production

Helpful advice for your instructors

Further information on your own webcast with Lecturio eLECT Lite

You have the knowledge and don’t want it to get lost?

Education is important, and we can help you conserve your knowledge. With our experience and professional know-how, we can help you to create your own webcast. We accompany and support you any time, from the recording process until the completion of your product. We can even film your classroom-event and support you in providing that lecture online. Additionally, we give you valuable tips on how to market your webcast in order to reach a wider audience.

You can create the webcast for your own students, for lecture preparation and summary, but also for students of other universities that are interested in your content. That way your knowledge won’t be lost, you can reach a lot of people and can earn additional revenue without extra effort.

Preparation of the recording

From raw material to high quality webcasts: what actually happens after a class event has been recorded?

After the recording, the preparation and editing phase begins. Your personal wishes will be incorporated in that phase. You can decide how the lectures should be divided into different online videos and how the webcasts should look like towards the end. A special feature of Lecturio is the double-frame-player. With the help of this player, you can display additional presentations, slides and other materials simultaneously during your original video. This will allow the user to fully concentrate on the presented content.

Creation of the webcast

You’re wondering how to offer your finished webcast?

In order for your knowledge to reach a wide audience, we support you in publishing your webcast.

We offer you two different possibilities to make your content available online. The first possibility is to offer the online lecture via your own website. Your website is already popular amongst students and other users? Then this option would be favorable. You already have a target group. Technical components like hosting or streaming are still our responsibilityenabling you to focus solely on the content of your webcasts. If you want to set up an entire web shop with online lectures, we can handle the payment system for a straightforward handling of payments.

The second possibility is to offer your videos directly through Lecturio. This way you can reach an even wider audience and support students and other interested parties in their educational development. With eLECT Lite education is efficient, easy and convenient.

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