Abdominal Wall: Arterial Supply – Abdominal Walls and Inguinal Canal

by Craig Canby, PhD

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    00:00 Now, let's transitioned to the arterial supply to the abdominal wall.

    00:05 This slide is demonstrating two arteries that run on a deep aspect of the rectus abdominis.

    00:12 These are epigastric arteries.

    00:15 The first one is located right here and you can see the rectus abdominis right along here.

    00:22 This is the superior epigastric artery.

    00:25 It is a branch of a thoracic artery called the internal thoracic that we see here along the lateral margin of sternum.

    00:32 At this point, that internal thoracic branches into a musculophrenic and then a more medial branch is directed vertically into the abdominal region to help supply the rectus abdominis.

    00:46 Another deep epigastric artery is referred to as the inferior epigastric artery.

    00:52 We see it coursing upwards along the deep surface of the rectus abdominis.

    00:57 The source of the inferior epigastric artery is your external iliac artery that is labeled right at this particular point.

    01:06 Then the two epigastric arteries will anastomose within the substance of the rectus abdominis.

    01:14 We also have some additional arteries that supply the abdominal wall.

    01:19 Three of these are listed on the slide: superficial circumflex iliac artery, the deep circumflex iliac artery, as well as the superficial epigastric. So let's take a moment to identify those particular vessels.

    01:34 Here we have our external iliac and then on a deep aspect here, running along the ilium is the deep circumflex iliac artery.

    01:47 The external iliac then will pass deep to the inguinal ligament which we see here and it will enter the femoral triangle.

    01:56 As it enters the femoral triangle, we will refer to this artery as the femoral artery.

    02:02 It will give rise to a superficial circumflex iliac that we see branching off at this point and will run more superficially in this general vicinity.

    02:13 This branch that we see here is also issuing from the femoral artery.

    02:19 This is the superficial epigastric artery and it will have a subcutaneous course on the interior abdominal wall.

    02:29 Please bear in mind that this is not an exhaustive list of arteries that supply the abdominal wall.

    02:36 We have some others as well.

    02:39 For example, we would have four pairs of lumbar arteries that would issue from the aorta above here.

    02:45 That would travel on the posterior abdominal wall and then start to follow the lateral aspects of the wall and start to anastomose to some of these other vessels.

    02:55 We also have an ilial lumbar artery which we see coursing up vertically along the sacrum.

    03:02 This is issuing from the internal iliac that we see here and we certainly would have some other contributing blood vessels that would help supply the abdomen wall.

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