Surface Anatomy of the Heart – Heart (Cor)

by Craig Canby, PhD

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    00:00 In addition, the heart will project various surfaces and it also has a base in the heart wall and an apex. Here we're going to focus on the various surfaces of the heart. And the bold items that you see here are the ones that we're going to highlight on this slide. And then we'll identify the diaphragmatic surface and what forms that surface. But first the sternocostal surface or anterior surface.

    00:39 So everything we see here represents that anterior perspective or view point. And the anterior surface of the heart will be formed by the right atrium that we see here. We have the right ventricle, which is to the left to the anterior interventricular sulcus. And then we have a portion of the left ventricle that in this image lies to the right of the anterior interventricular sulcus. And what we cannot see real well is we have the left auricle, that appendage that's associated with the left atrium. So those are the components that will form the anterior or sternocostal surface.

    01:21 The right pulmonary surface is the surface of the heart that faces the right lung. It is formed primarily by the right atrium, that we see right along here. That faces the right lung. We also have a left pulmonary surface that would face the left lung. It's formed primarily by the left ventricle with a contribution from the left atrium.

    01:47 Now let's take a look at our next slide so we can focus in on the diaphragmatic surface of the heart. And the diaphragmatic surface of the heart is going to be formed primarily by your two ventricles that we see down here.

    02:05 Here's your right ventricle and then your left ventricle.

    02:12 The base of the heart is that area of the heart that's going to receive the pulmonary veins and the superior and inferior vena cava. So that would be this area right in through here. And within this area, we have portions of the atria that are receiving these venous structures ' all 6 venous structures that constitute the veins of the great vessels.

    02:44 The apex of the heart is directed away from the base of the heart and, in most individuals, that will project toward the left of the midline. The apex is shown right here. It is formed by the left ventricle and the left ventricle alone. The apex resides typically 7 to 9 cm to the left of the midline within the fifth intercostal space. And that would be one intercostal space below the location of the nipple, which resides in the fourth. So one space below, in the firth intercostal space you'll find the apex of the heart.

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