Prostate – Male Reproductive Organs

by James Pickering, PhD

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    00:01 This is an elevation of the prostatic urethra.

    00:04 You can see that the prostate, this accessory gland of reproduction, is surrounding the urethra.

    00:12 It produces this thin milky fluid which constitutes about 20% of the semen. And the prostate, as I have mentioned, contains the prostatic urethra.

    00:23 The posterior wall which is this portion here that we are looking at.

    00:27 The posterior wall of the porstatic urethra is characterized by the urethral crest that is this elevation which we can see here.

    00:37 We can see we have the prostatic sinus or grooves which are the either side of the crest. So the prostatic sinus and the grooves down here.

    00:45 And then we have this prominent seminal colliculus, this prominent elevation which we can see around in this region here.

    00:55 The ejaculatory ducts open on the seminal colliculus. So that's where the ejaculatory ducts open into the prostatic urethra.

    01:06 The prostatic ducts, they open either side of the urethral crest. Either side of the seminal colliculus in the prostatic grooves or the sinuses.

    01:19 You may find that you see this prostatic urethra, just this little opening here and that's the embryological remnants.

    01:27 And that is the equivalent of the vagina but obviously that's defunct in the male.

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    The lecture Prostate – Male Reproductive Organs by James Pickering, PhD is from the course Pelvis.

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. It is supplied by branches of the external iliac artery.
    2. It forms a dilation along the posterior surface of the bladder.
    3. It unites with the seminal vesicle to form the ejaculatory duct.
    4. It enters the pelvis via the inguinal canal.
    5. It transports sperm.
    1. Internal urethral meatus
    2. Urethral crest
    3. Prostatic sinus
    4. Seminal colliculus
    5. Prostatic utricle

    Author of lecture Prostate – Male Reproductive Organs

     James Pickering, PhD

    James Pickering, PhD

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    Structures of male sexual organ not highlighted during these classes.
    By Priscila F. on 09. October 2022 for Prostate – Male Reproductive Organs

    The parts that the lecturer points to are not marked/pointed at/ highlighted in the video. Thus students (like myself) get lost and dont know what (part of the image) the lecturer is specifically talking about. This comments refers to all this series about the male sexual organ.