Ovaries – Female Reproductive Organs

by James Pickering, PhD

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    00:00 So if we look at the ovaries then we can see, as I have mentioned before, we have a pair of ovaries.

    00:06 And these are really positioned posteriorly against the broad ligament. So they're positioned posterior to the uterus. We can see the uterus here and the rectum and here we can see the ovaries.

    00:15 They pushed up against the lateral pelvic wall.

    00:20 And a tumor or an enlargement of the ovary a cyst associated with the ovary can press on the nerves that run along the pelvic, the lateral pelvic wall specifically the obturator nerve.

    00:33 And that can lead to radiating pain in the groin region. But these ovaries are almond shaped gonads located alongside the lateral wall of the pelvis. As I have mentioned previously they are suspended within the broad ligament by the mesovarium.

    00:51 And they are attached to the lateral wall by the suspensory ligament and these contain the ovarian vessels.

    00:59 They're also attached to the uterus by the ligaments of the ovary or an ovarian ligament. And also as I have mentioned at ovulation, an oocyte an ovum is expelled into the peritoneal cavity.

    01:13 The peritoneal cavity is not actually sealed around the ovary, there is an opening that allows the ovum to pass into the fimbriae, the infundibulum to receive the ovum and then passes it to the ampulla for fertilization.

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    James Pickering, PhD

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