Male Perineum

by James Pickering, PhD

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    00:00 So let's have a look. The male perineum, its deep pouch.

    00:05 Now we have looked at this previously. We have looked at this diagram which we can see when we looked at the male reproductive organs. We have got the bladder. We have got the prostrate.

    00:17 The deep perineal pouch is going to form somewhere where the prostrate is here and where we can see this membranous urethra that's passing through. All of this is going to be in the superficial perineal pouch and here we have the deep perineal pouch. Remember we have the levator ani running down in here. So if we look at the cartoon on this side we can see that we have this urogenital triangle.

    00:49 This urogenital triangle and what we have got here is this deep transverse perineal muscle. This deep transverse perineal muscle and that is sitting on this perineal membrane.

    01:02 Look at this little clip here is reflecting the perineal membrane.

    01:06 So the perineal membrane would be all the way over here. But we have reflected here so look into the perineal pouch.

    01:14 And what we find in the deep perineal pouch, we find the external urethral sphincter.

    01:20 We find the bulbourethral glands, we can see these here.

    01:23 We find the deep transverse perineal muscle all located within the deep perineal pouch.

    01:33 We then have the perineal membrane which is going to sit over here.

    01:38 Perineal membrane can then sit on top.

    01:44 So we looked at this in the table in the previous few slides. But it's worth repeating myself.

    01:52 We are looking at the urogenital trinangle looking at the urogenital triangle and within the urogenital triangle we have the perineal membrane.

    02:02 And we can see it's been reflected to open up the deep perineal pouch.

    02:07 Contains the deep transverse perineal muscle we can see here.

    02:11 External urethral sphincter surrounding it. Bulbourethral glands we can see them here and various vessels and nerves. All within the deep perineal pouch of the male.

    02:24 If we just look at the penis that is then continuing through the perineum within the superficial perineal pouch.

    02:33 Then we can see that we have a whole number of what's known as erectile tissues.

    02:38 Known as the erectile tissues. We can see if we have a transverse section through the penis, here we have the dorsal aspect of the penis.

    02:46 and here we have the ventral aspect of the penis.

    02:50 We can see that we have these large erectile tissues, see them here, and see them surrounding the urethra. Here we have the urethra (the spongy urethra) which we can see here.

    03:02 Surrounding them we have the corpus spongiosum and positioned more dorsally, we have this erectile tissue which is the corpus cavernosum.

    03:13 These are important when the penis becomes engorged during sexual activity where we develop an erection.

    03:22 And these becoming gorged with the blood as they fill up like sponges.

    03:27 And we can see we have the urethra surrounded by the corpus spongiosum and we have the corpus cavernosum here within the penis these two erectile tissues. The penis itself consists of the root the body and the glands. The root of the penis which we will come to in a moment is attached to the underside of the perineal membrane.

    03:48 So this is located within the superficial perineal pouch.

    03:53 We can see the root of the penis coming here. Here we have got the bulbourethral.

    03:57 So this is a separation between the deep perineal pouch and superficial perineal pouch.

    04:02 Here we can see we have the corpus cavernosum, these erectile tissues and urethra passing through.

    04:11 The bulb and what's known as the crus are attached to the inferior surface of the perineal membrane and that forms this root. You will see those in a moment.

    04:21 The bulb and the crus are covered by some muscles and these are again within the superficial perineal pouch known as bulbospongiosus and ischiocavernosus.

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