Male Perineum: Superficial Pouch

by James Pickering, PhD

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    00:00 So now let's turn to the superficial pouch in the male.

    00:06 The superficial perineal pouch in the male we can see here. How we would know if it is the superficial perineal pouch? Because here we have got the perineal membrane.

    00:16 We can see the perineal membrane here. This is anteriorly.

    00:19 This is posteriorly. We have got the anus here external anal sphincter. We have got that diamond shape in created pubic symphysis deep here. So it is going up in that direction. But we have got our diamond. We have got our anal triangle here.

    00:34 Urogenital triangle would be up in this direction.

    00:36 So this is going to be the posterior margin of the perineal membrane.

    00:41 We can see the perineal membrane here. On this side we have a window into the deep perineal pouch because we can see the deep transverse perineal muscle and bulbourethral glands here.

    00:53 And the perineal membrane is sitting underneath.

    00:58 Attached to the perineal membrane we have this muscle, bulbospongiosus.

    01:04 And that's surrounding the corpus spongiosus of the penis.

    01:09 Radiating away form the lateral aspect of the perineal membrane and coming from the ischiopubic ramus we have the ischiocavernosus muscle which is surrounding corpus cavernosum and these muscles are really important.

    01:29 Within the male superficial perineal pouch we have the superficial transverse perineal muscle see them here and here attached to the superficial surface of the perineal membrane.

    01:42 We have the root of the penis which we can see here covered by their associated musculature. Here is the root of the penis.

    01:50 The beginning of the corpus spongiosum covered by bulbous spongiosous muscle.

    01:55 Here we have the crus of the corpus cavernosa covered by their muscle ischiocavernosus and they are running in this way.

    02:04 These will all form, they will all aggregate in the midline to form that cylindrical penis which contains urethra and the erectile tissues.

    02:18 We can see that in a different view now.

    02:22 Here we can see where we have made a coronal section down through the pelvis.

    02:27 We are looking at it from the posterior aspect. Se we can see superior here inferior down here. We have got the apex of the bladder.

    02:35 We have got the seminal vesicles here. We have got the prostrate and in this side it's been opened up.

    02:42 So what can we see? We can see we have got levator ani running down here.

    02:47 We can see we have got the obturator internus. We have got the pudendal neurovascular bundle. We can see we have got the ischioanal fossa or in this region because its the level of the perineal membrane.

    03:03 We can see that we will have the anterior recess, the anterior recess.

    03:08 We can see that we have this deep perineal pouch here.

    03:13 Deep perineal pouch and this here we can see is the perineal membrane.

    03:19 Perineal membrane; sitting on top of it we will have the deep perineal space with the deep transverse perineal muscle. We can also see the bulbo-urethral glands.

    03:30 So we can see these sitting within the deep perineal pouch.

    03:34 In the midline in-line with the urethra we will also see the external urethral sphincter.

    03:40 We then have the perineal membrane. Superficial to the perineal membrane we now find we have the crus of the penis and we have the bulb of the penis.

    03:48 These two making the root. We can see surrounding the crus of the penis this erecticle tissue we have ischiocavernosus and surrounding the bulb of the penis, we have bulbospongiosus.

    04:03 And these are located within the superficial perineal space.

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    James Pickering, PhD

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