Liver and Gallbladder: Conclusion

by James Pickering, PhD

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    00:00 So in conclusion, we have spoken about the liver and the gallbladder.

    00:04 We looked at the position of these organs within the abdomen and then we explored their gross anatomy of the anatomical lobes and the functional lobes. What we can see on the anterior surface and what we can see on the posterior surface. We then looked at various peritoneal ligaments: the coronary, triangular, falciform ligaments.

    00:23 And specifically the falciform ligament containing the ligamentum the round ligament of the liver which used to be the umbilical vein.

    00:32 We looked at the portal hepatic and how it had similar structures to the portal triad.

    00:37 hepatic artery, hepatic portal vein and the bile duct.

    00:41 And then we looked at the gross anatomy and the formation of the gallbladder and the biliary tree.

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    James Pickering, PhD

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