In Vitro Fertilization – Spermatogenesis and Oogenesis

by John McLachlan, PhD

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    00:03 In recent decades, it’s become possible to carry out in vitro fertilization as part of the process of assisted reproduction. Here, a larger number of the normal eggs are induced to form in the mother and to mature, whereupon, they are harvested and taken to a Petri dish.

    00:21 The sperm is then added to the Petri dish and the embryos are carefully observed.

    00:25 Those which are fertilized and continue to develop normally can be returned to the uterus.

    00:33 Normally, these days, it’s normal to return just one of the fertilized eggs.

    00:37 Otherwise, there is a risk of twin pregnancies developing. Spare embryos can be frozen for a subsequent attempt, or sometimes for other research purposes. In this image, we see pipet on the left-hand side of the picture through which a gentle suction is holding an egg against the prepared tip and on the other side of the image, we can see an even finer pipet which is about to inject the sperm not just through the corona and zona, but also through the plasma membrane of the cell itself. So that particular sperm, which may come from an adult donor whose sperm is in some way incapable of normal fertilization, can be placed directly in the cytoplasm of the egg, and therefore, lead to fertilization and development in couples who otherwise would be unable to have children. So this is one of the most dramatic interventions that can take place during the course of assisted reproduction. So, let’s look in summary of what we’ve covered in this lecture. First, we looked at the origin of the primary germ cells and their migration towards the gonad. Then we looked separately at oogenesis in the female, and spermatogenesis in the male. We brought together these products of the process of gametogenesis in fertilization. And then we followed the transport of the fertilized egg down the oviduct to finally implant in the uterus. Last of all, we looked at some assisted reproductive techniques, including in vitro fertilization. Thank you very much.

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    The lecture In Vitro Fertilization – Spermatogenesis and Oogenesis by John McLachlan, PhD is from the course Embryology: Early Stages with John McLachlan.

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     John McLachlan, PhD

    John McLachlan, PhD

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