Blood Supply of the Rectum – Branches of Internal Iliac Artery

by James Pickering, PhD

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    00:00 And then finally, the finally organ I want to concentrate on, is the rectum.

    00:04 Because this has quite a substantial blood supply coming from multiple sources.

    00:11 We can remember once again that the rectum is going to be supplied by branches from the inferior mesenteric artery, from the internal iliac.

    00:21 and that's we will explore when we look at the perineum branches from the internal pudendal artery.

    00:26 What we have got here is the posterior view of the rectum, posterior view and here we have got our ischial tuberosities, we can see here moving up towards the ischiopubic rami.

    00:39 moving up towards the pubic symphysis. We can see we have got the sigmoid colon here and we can see its bending down to form the rectum.

    00:46 And what we can see coming from the aorta just before it bifurcates, is the inferior mesenteric artery.

    00:53 The last branch really to come from the inferior mesenteric artery, the one that kind of runs closes down in the midline is this one here and that is your superior rectal artery.

    01:06 We can see the superior rectal artery dividing, remember it?s an unpaired branch, this superior rectum, it has one of them.

    01:13 But it does divide, it bifurcates into lateral branches that run down the lateral surface of the rectum. We can then see here, if we pick up the internal iliac which we can see here,. the external iliac is going forwards.

    01:28 The internal iliac, we can see here, gives rise to the obturator artery passing through the obturator canal and it gives rise here to the...

    01:37 gives rise to the internal pudendal which we can see running down here.

    01:42 That as we will come to recognize gives the series of branches that supply the anal canal region.

    01:47 But what we were concentration on is the potential for these 60% of the people to have this middle rectal that's going to pass down in this direction.

    01:57 You can see that there is lot of connections between the middle rectal and the superior rectal. And this is supplying the superior, middle and potentially the lower portions of the rectum.

    02:09 But within the anal canal which we will look at in the perineum around here, we can see that's actually supplied by a branch coming from the internal pudendal.

    02:19 But the rectum up here is supplied by superior rectal and if present, the middle rectal.

    02:26 So this will just include some of the notes of what I have just described. You have three parts of the rectum.

    02:32 This proximal part, middle and inferior part, all carried out by branches from the inferior mesenteric or the internal iliac artery.

    02:40 And this is anorectal junction, this division here. Here we can see the pelvic floor which we will look out in the next lecture. And everything inferior superficial to the pelvic floor is going to be supplied by this inferior rectal artery.

    02:56 which comes from the internal pudendal. And I think that's a good place to leave it because we will look at that in lectures to come.

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