USMLE® Step 1 Practice Questions

Free Qbank questions for all major Step 1 topics

Learning from clinical cases

As a medical student, you’ll spend a lot of time learning about medicine, practicing with cadavers, and eventually training a hospital with real patients. But before you put on your white coat and start taking vitals, you’ll likely go through thousands of USMLE practice questions. 

On the USMLE Step 1 exam, you’ll encounter up to 280 patient-centered clinical vignettes paired with multiple choice answers. These clinical cases will require multi-step thinking and some will also require you to interpret graphic or pictorial materials. These are single best answer questions, so while multiple answers may be partially correct, each question only has one best answer. 

Familiarizing yourself with how to best approach USMLE Qbank questions is almost as important as knowing the material itself – with this eBook, you can go step-by-step through 30 practice questions to learn important tricks for tackling the stems of USMLE questions, practice different types of questions, and to get an overview of your current state of knowledge of various USMLE Step 1 question topics.

Free USMLE® Step 1 Practice Questions

Test and apply your knowledge with the Lecturio Qbank

Did you know that the Lecturio Qbank offers a lot more than just questions and answers? With Lecturio Premium, you can actually learn from the Qbank instead of just completing a mock exam. Doing a Lecturio Qbank block in “tutor mode” provides detailed answer explanations and connects you to related videos and resources, including First Aid® page references so that you can study as you go. Doing a Lecturio Qbank block in “test mode” simulates your exam day experience, from the time pressure to the interface of the test itself. 

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