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How to Implement a Flipped Classroom Model With Lecturio

Why should you flip your classroom? And what is the best approach?

The past few years have shown us what is possible if we move away from the traditional, face-to-face, synchronous classroom and demonstrated the utility of online learning. Medical and nursing schools and educators worldwide are moving to a hybrid approach, incorporating physical, online, synchronous, and asynchronous learning.

The flipped classroom is one of the most common examples of hybrid teaching. Research indicates that using this approach can promote student-centered learning and collaboration, as well as improve outcomes. In an environment where educators are stretched thin, this allows them to adapt each lesson to the individual needs of their students and make the most of the limited synchronous time available.

Join Dr. Adonis Wazir for an interactive demo session on November 30, at 14:00 CET, in which he will highlight the benefits of flipped classrooms and show how leading educators are using this method to make better use of valuable face-to-face time with their students. Additionally, he will demonstrate how educators can implement this model using Lecturio’s comprehensive digital medical education platform.

How to Implement a Flipped Classroom Model With Lecturio