Types of Autoimmune Diseases – Autoimmune Diseases

by Peter Delves, PhD

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    I’m now going to turn to a number of examples of autoimmune diseases. And you may be wondering, well what are the most common autoimmune diseases? Well actually there are hundreds of different autoimmune diseases. But listed here are the ones with the highest prevalence. These are typical prevalence, they will vary in different populations depending on the genetic makeup of different ethnicities. They also vary somewhat-- where you’re living in the world. But these are kind of typical prevalences for these types of autoimmune disease. So Grave’s disease which is a hyperthyroidism, the autoimmune process leads to a overactive thyroid gland. About one in a hundred individuals develop Grave’s disease. Rheumatoid arthritis which involves the inflammation of joints, about 0.9% of individuals. Hashimoto’s disease which is also a disease affecting the thyroid gland just like Grave’s disease, but actually has the opposite effect. It’s a destructive thyroiditis, an inflammation of the thyroid, leads to hypothyroidism - an underactive thyroid. And this occurs in around about 0.5% of individuals. As I said, these figures, they’re just ball park figures. They’ll vary a little bit in different studies and between different groups of people. Sjogren’s syndrome leads to reduced secretory gland function, occurs in about 0.4% of individuals. Pernicious anemia which is vitamin B12 deficient anemia, in around about 0.2% of individuals. Multiple sclerosis which results in demyelination - 0.1% Ankylosing spondylitis which we’re mentioning a couple minutes ago causes inflammation of the spine and sacroiliatic joints, about 0.1% of individuals suffer from ankylosing spondylitis. Type I diabetes leading to hyperglycemia, again around about 0.1% of individuals. And systemic lupus erythematosus which can have multiple consequences affecting the skin, heart, joints, lungs, kidney and brain. Again around about 0.1% of people as a rough ball park figure suffer from SLE. Looking...

    About the Lecture

    The lecture Types of Autoimmune Diseases – Autoimmune Diseases by Peter Delves, PhD is from the course Hypersensitivity and Autoimmune Disease. It contains the following chapters:

    • Overview of the Major Autoimmune Diseases
    • Some Target Organs and Tissues of Autoimmune Diseases

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. Rheumatoid arthritis
    2. Multiple sclerosis
    3. Type I diabetes
    4. Systemic lupus erythematosus
    5. Ankylosing spondylitis
    1. Graves disease- hypothyroidism
    2. Multiple sclerosis- demyelination
    3. Type I diabetes- hyperglycemia
    4. Pernicious anemia- Vitamin B12 deficient anemia
    5. Sjorgrens syndrome- decreased secretory gland function
    1. Myasthenia gravis
    2. Celiac Disease
    3. Type I diabetes
    4. Goodpasture's syndrome
    5. Acute rheumatic fever

    Author of lecture Types of Autoimmune Diseases – Autoimmune Diseases

     Peter Delves, PhD

    Peter Delves, PhD

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