Principles of blood transfusion

by Paul Moss, PhD

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    About the Lecture

    The lecture Principles of blood transfusion by Paul Moss, PhD is from the course Hematology: Basics. It contains the following chapters:

    • Principles of Blood Transfusion
    • The ABO and Rh System
    • Complications of Blood Transfusion

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. A typical blood donation is 1 litre.
    2. Plasma is used to make a frozen product to treat clotting abnormalities.
    3. Platelets can be purified from the buffy coat of single blood donations.
    4. Most blood is leucodepleted to remove white cells.
    5. It is preferable for donors to give blood on a voluntary basis.
    1. ABO
    2. Rh
    3. HPA
    4. Kell
    5. HLA
    1. Toxicity from accumulation of copper
    2. Generation of antibodies against red cell antigens
    3. Risk of bacterial or viral infection
    4. Iron toxicity
    5. Risk of transmission of a viral infection

    Author of lecture Principles of blood transfusion

     Paul Moss, PhD

    Paul Moss, PhD

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