Genetics - Mutations

by Jonathan Clark

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    About the Lecture

    The lecture Genetics - Mutations by Jonathan Clark is from the course Biology: Basic. It contains the following chapters:

    • Changes in the Gene Pool
    • Mutation
    • Population Genetics
    • Cloning and Detection of Gene Mutations
    • Cell Genetics and Genetic Engineering
    • Summary

    Quiz for lecture

    Test your knowledge with our quiz for lecture Genetics - Mutations.

    1. presence of one extra chromosome number 21
    2. Three chromosomes number 21
    3. absence of one chromosome number 21
    4. absence of both chromosomes number 21
    5. Four chromosomes number 21
    1. a hybridisation probe
    2. a complementary base sequence to the mutant gene sequence
    3. electrophoresis
    4. non-coding repeating sequences
    5. RNA polymerase enzyme
    1. a permanent change in the sequence of bases of an organism
    2. a substitution, deletion or insertion of a base or bases
    3. a temporary change in the sequence of bases of an organism
    4. a change to the sugar-phosphate DNA backbone
    5. formation of a triple DNA helix
    1. trisomy
    2. chromosomal
    3. monosomy
    4. gene
    5. protein
    1. has exactly the same DNA as another organism
    2. has been produced through asexual reproduction
    3. has exactly the same appearance as another organism
    4. has been produced through sexual reproduction (with the exception of monozygotic twins)
    5. is a virus or non-living particle
    1. recombinant DNA technology
    2. genetic engineering of human genes into bacterial cells
    3. growth of genetically recombinant bacteria carrying the human insulin gene
    4. stem cell technology
    5. tissue culture

    Author of lecture Genetics - Mutations

     Jonathan Clark

    Jonathan Clark

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