Leishmaniasis: Treatment and Prevention

by Vincent Racaniello, PhD

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    00:01 We can treat leishmania infections with a variety of compounds, one of them is sodium stibogluconate, shown here, and another is for amphotericin B. Unfortunately there is growing resistance to the use of some of these compounds, necessitating other approaches to treatment and one of those is cycloguanil pamoate. A number of vaccines are under development because leishmania, particularly the visceral form, is extensive and lethal. Many vaccines are being developed and eventually one of them or more will come to market. Under exploration are whole parasite vaccines, where we grow the parasite, they're inactivated, so they're no longer infectious, they can be injected. Individual proteins purified from the parasite or recombinant proteins made by recombinant DNA technology. Synthetic peptides, short amino acid sequences, 20 to 40 amino acids that are synthesized which can be injected to give rise to immunological protection and finally DNA vaccines, in which plasmids containing coding regions for various leishmania’s proteins can be injected into the host. Interestingly, another type of vaccine that's recently shown some promise in animal trials is a vaccine against sandfly salivary proteins. Apparently these are required for leishmania to be able to establish itself in the host, so if you can make antibodies against the fly proteins, this could be protective. So an interesting approach to dealing with this disease.

    01:41 How do we prevent leishmania infection? Well we can use insecticides to try and get rid of the sandfly, you could spray your entire home, you could just use bed nets and spray those as well and of course screens and curtains would help as well as that.

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    1. Sandfly salivary proteins
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    3. Sodium stibogluconate
    4. Amphotericin B
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     Vincent Racaniello, PhD

    Vincent Racaniello, PhD

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