Gastroenterology: Foundations

Gastroenterology: Foundations

by Carlo Raj, MD, Pravin Shukle, MD
This course will walk you through the basic knowledge concerning the gastrointestinal system.

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Your Educators of course Gastroenterology: Foundations

 Carlo Raj, MD

Carlo Raj, MD

You probably know MD Edward Goljan and his Rapid Review Pathology Series. But do you know the "new" Goljan? His name is Carlo Raj and he is currently following his mentor's footsteps by presenting you pathology as you have never experienced before.

Carlo Raj has earned his MD at the Medical University of the Americas (MUA) and continued his medical career as international lecturer and author—both assisting MD Edward Goljan and later on his own. Today he is CEO of Indus Intellect, whose goal it is to spread medical knowledge across the globe.

 Pravin Shukle, MD

Pravin Shukle, MD

Dr. Shukle is a board certified specialist in internal medicine. He runs one of the largest specialty practices in Ontario, Canada. His area of interest is the stroke and heart attack reduction in high risk patients.

He owns and runs a full functioning cardiac and diabetes suite that includes diagnostics, diet counseling, exercise counseling, and lifestyle support for patients with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and arrhythmia. He is one of Canada’s most popular speakers. He performs over 150 special lectures across the nation each year with various audiences ranging from the general public, to nurses, to physicians, to medical specialists. His lectures are engaging, funny, and informative. In 2016, Dr. Shukle will be conducting a TED talk on using DNA as a memory storage medium.

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Very concise and covers all
By Abdul S. on 10. December 2019 for Small and Large Intestine Diseases

Really covered a lot of the material I need, which was not what other platforms offered. can be just a tad bit more extensive on the hepatology and also endoscopic procedures and ERCP/ MRCP. also mentioning what is the gold standard for certain diagnosis when applicable would be amazing.

Mode of communicating information
By Hatem Q. on 22. November 2019 for Esophageal Disease

Did not feel comfortable with the accent, way of communicating the information, way of pausing between one point and another. I am sorry to say that, but to me, and this is my personal view, and no offense, it is irritating

The videos are relatively short and explain important concepts
By Mark L. on 20. November 2019 for Pancreatic and Biliary Tract Diseases

Dr. Raj does an excellent job in explaining the material and tying everything together. He will even be funny at times.

By jose ignacio o. on 26. July 2019 for Stomach and Duodenum Diseases

Concrete and useful information. Explanation is simple a to the Pointer.