Gallbladder: Blood Supply – Liver and Gallbladder

by James Pickering, PhD

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    00:00 So if you look at the blood supply to the liver and to the gall bladder, then this is primarily going to be from the coeliac trunk.

    00:08 The coeliac trunk, which is this branch that's coming off the aorta.

    00:11 We spoke about it last when we look at the blood supply to the stomach.

    00:16 And we can see that the liver is going to be supplied by the hepatic artery.

    00:22 Now the hepatic artery provides only about twenty percent of the blood supply to the liver.

    00:29 It supplies the nutrients and the oxygen that allows the liver to function.

    00:36 Just like every organ that needs oxygen, needs nutrients, this is carried out by the hepatic artery via the coeliac trunk.

    00:44 But the liver actually receives the majority of its blood via the hepatic portal vein.

    00:49 About seventy eighty percent of its blood, from the hepatic portal vein.

    00:55 This is blood that comes from the gastrointestinal tract.

    00:58 So it's blood that receive the digested nutrients that you've eaten from the food, from the fluid that you've consumed. They then pass it to the liver which then undertakes this metabolic activity.

    01:13 What we can see is that the hepatic artery quickly divides into left and right branches that will go on to form the left and right functional arteries that supply the left and right functional lobes.

    01:28 So these left and right hepatic arteries would supply the functional lobes of the liver.

    01:34 We can also see we have a small cystic artery that typically comes away from the right hepatic artery or that can be quite variable it passes to supply the gall bladder.

    01:45 We can also see running posterior to the hepatic artery, so posterior to the hepatic artery we have in the portal triad we have the hepatic portal vein.

    01:58 This also will split into two portal veins and that will go to the left and right functional lobes of the liver.

    02:05 Here we can see, next to the hepatic artery and the hepatic portal vein we have the bile duct and there we're seeing a portal triad once again.

    02:17 Once the blood has gone to the liver, the liver then needs to pass that processed blood that's containing now these processed nutrients that have been worked on by the liver that the metabolic activities have carried out, have cleaned the blood essentially made it fit for the systemic circulation.

    02:41 This blood might passes back into the systemic circulation by a series of hepatic veins.

    02:47 And these drain directly from the liver into the inferior vena cava, which then quickly passes through the diaphragm and then into the right atrium of the heart.

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