Biology: Basic

Biology: Basic

by Jonathan Clark

Cell Biology, Genetics and Microbiology

This online course provides an insight into cell biology and genetics. Tutor Jonathan Clark will give an overview on cell biology and its structures as well as the field of genetics. Furthermore, he will also elaborate on microbiology.

The following topics will be explained:

  • The cell-membrane
  • Nucleus, ribosomes etc.
  • The cell cycle
  • Organisation and functions of genes
  • Bacteria, viruses etc.
  • and many more

Course Details

  • Videos 13
  • Duration 4:44 h
  • Quiz questions 46
  • Topic reviews 10


Your Educators of course Biology: Basic

 Jonathan Clark

Jonathan Clark

In 20 years as a tutor, Jonathan Clark has helped many people get into university and college. He teaches Biology, Psychology and Chemistry in Hertfordshire and North London.

He has an Oxford degree in Experimental Psychology and Biochemistry and also has a commended MSc in Information Science from Hertfordshire University.

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Thank you …
By Jennifer J. on 30. May 2016 for Cell Biology - An Overview

Thank you I like the way you teach :)

This is very nice …
By Muna A. on 27. May 2016 for Cell Structure - Cell Membrane, Cell-Cell Contacts, Transport Mechanism

This is very nice lecture. You could be ANP teacher

Thanks for the lecture …
By JUSTINA W. on 04. May 2016 for Cell Biology - An Overview

Thanks for the lecture.

Nicely explained
By Sunit D. on 17. April 2016 for Cell Biology - An Overview

Nicely explained

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