Abdominal Aorta – Posterior Abdominal Wall

by James Pickering, PhD

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    00:00 If we look at some of the vasculature on the posterior abdominal wall, then we are going to return to the aorta, I mean we have looked at this already when we looked at the arterial supply to the GI tract. And we are going to just make reference to it once more before we explore some other blood vessels.

    00:17 But here in the midline, we can see we have the aorta. We can see we have the celiac trunk We have the superior mesenteric artery and we have the inferior mesenteric artery.

    00:29 And these really are one of the three types of blood vessels that come away from the aorta. We can see that the aorta has this three vascular plane phenomenon. It has three vascular planes. You have the unpaired branches that project forwards and supply the GI tract.

    00:54 So here we can see we have these unpaired branches that are running forwards and these are going to be our celiac trunk.

    01:03 Or they are going to be our superior mesenteric artery. Or they are going to be our inferior mesenteric artery.

    01:12 And these blood vessels pass forwards. We're then left with two paired arteries. We have these paired arteries that going to the viscera; see them here and here. And these can be our renal arteries that pass towards the kidney or pass towards our suprarenal glands. We then have some paired parietal branches and these pass to the body walls. So these are the synonymous with the intercostal arteries, the posterior inter-costal arteries in the thorax. These are some lumbar arteries that helps to supply the musculature along the posterior abdominal wall.

    01:47 So the aorta we can see passes through the aortic hiatus at about T12.

    01:53 We can see that it extends inferiorly immediately anterior to the lumbar vertebrae.

    01:59 And then it divides at about L4, this region here, into two common iliac arteries.

    02:08 Divides into two common iliac arteries, the external iliac goes to supply the lower limb and the internal iliac, which we will talk more about in future lectures, enters the pelvis.

    02:18 We can also see there is a series of other branches that we haven't referenced so far.

    02:25 And these are your gonadal blood vessels. These would be the paired visceral branches that are going to supply the testis in the male or the ovaries in the female. And they show abdominal aorta.

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