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The 33-Day Bootcamp for USMLE® Step 1

You have only one month for intense USMLE® studying left? This study schedule will teach you how to study strategically and make most out of each day!

Switch on studies, switch off everything else.

For the next 33 days, you will – by adopting this schedule – use a Qbank to learn high-yield medical concepts and test-taking strategies. Each Qbank question you complete during this period will expand your knowledge-base and familiarize you with the best way to work through other questions like it.

Over the course of the next 33 days you will:

  • Complete 2,500 challenging USMLE questions
  • Study a total of 238 hours (which is only about 7 hours and 12 minutes per day)
  • Enjoy a well deserved day off to relax and recharge!